The Difference between the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest
Kelly O'Grady

I had to laugh at your story. I was a SoCal kid but had migrated to a small Washington town down river from Portland. In the years of my gypsy wandering I spent many years across the river in Vancouver and have children in Portland and Vancouver.

Life was different in those days. My sister and I grew our own pot and went to Portland to panhandle in Park Blocks. That money was used for LSD and speed. Sadly LSD has very little effect on me so I missed the psychedelic displays the others in my group enjoyed. It also meant I was usually the designated driver

Washington and Oregon got to civilized for us so we headed north to Alaska. Now it’s starting to bring civilization into areas that were blissfully pagan until recently. Couple of days ago my daughter said she’d be happy to live in a house half the size of ours if we could build in the middle of a hundred acres with our nearest neighbor five-ten miles away. It gives you the freedom to brew and grow what you want and clothing is optional as long as your in your own comfort zone