Trump’s Doing a Great Job! Doing What Exactly?
Marley K.

I know someone that I had thought was fairly intelligent and basically a good person but she is an adamant Trump supporter. When I ask her how can she support him I hear about how great the economy is under his leadership and all the great new high tech jobs he is creating

She was upset about the kids at the border being gassed but thinks it’s their parents fault for bringing them here. Evidently Mexico has offered to help these people but most of them are refusing saying their aim was for the US and they will settle for nothing else.

I googled that and saw many articles agreeing with that part and it disturbs me. I know Mexico is not paradise, and if they only knew the US isn’t either but it’s a choice I would make if it were my children I was trying to help instead of letting them go up against soldiers gassing them

I also do not trust the government to stop at gassing them. Our government has a dark underbelly when it comes to civil rights of the poor and people of color. Trump has been bringing that darkness into the light and his followers are becoming bolder

When I try to show examples of where they are wrong I get the standard Democrats lying or fake news trying to break a great man. I’ve thought about leaving this country but there would be no point. My children and grandchildren are here and if they have to face what happens to this country then I should be facing it with them