What to Do About Charlottesville
Sara Benincasa

I love your piece and I second what you said whole heartedly. Our nation is such a disaster right now and so many people seem to just be shutting down and that isn’t going to help anyone

Many of us don’t have much money for donations but we do have time and a goodly number of those charitable groups can use extra help.

Right now Charlottesville needs serious help but we have bleeding communities across this land with poor and homeless, kids without support systems and elderly barely hanging on. It might make your heart feel extra good to do something for Charlottesville but if everyone poured out the love, compassion and energy into their own areas of need it would make a noticeable difference in a short time

Ive also read that areas where plants, trees and flowers have been added enjoy lower crime rates. Those same areas have less domestic violence and crime when active prayer groups target them praying for peace, love and hope. You don’t need to believe in prayer yourself to help with such things. Groups always need coordinators and phone tree help

Look for the needs and line those up with what skills and gifts you can share


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