When you live at 78ºN you become an expert in everything
Pablo Valerio

I only live at 60* N. Lat. and over the last 25 years Ive seen changes due to our current warming trends.

Many will enjoy the longer growing seasons and better conditions for working outside but there will be costly drawbacks too

A great deal of interior Alaska is built on permafrost and they are already having problems with roads and structures which are producing sink holes do to soften ground and collapsing areas under roads and buildings

The haul road is experiencing “mud floods” I can’t remember the technical name for this geological action hence the “mud floods”, as a muddy mix rises and tries to overtake the Haul Road, also known as the Ice Road. This road brings supplies up to Barrow and the North Slope oil and natural gas operations

Melting permafrost has the potential to destabilize the Pipeline too. Oil companies have many spills now that get under reported. I have no doubt that will increase as the ground under the Pipe thaws and soften

Within the last couple of months we had a press release from the Alaskan Geophysical Department in Anchorage informing us that the Earth is warming and Alaska is warming faster than many other areas and the CookInlet area of the Kenai is warming faster then the rest of the state. This is not a happy thought

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