What if Stephen Hawking is right?
J. Boyce Gleason

I’m siding with Hawkings on this issue and not because of the Orange Clown. I look at environmental issues and what we are doing to other species at an increasingly rapid pace

Species die offs are nothing new but the rate we are killing them is and we are killing our oceans. It seems inconceivable that we puny humans could destroy something as huge as the Earths ocean systems but every year more dead and dying areas are found so instead of pulling back and trying to heal them we exacerbate the problem with tons of garbage, spilled petroleum products. If we continue to do nothing while continuing to destroy we will reach the tipping point. The cascade of events following will happen to swiftly to stop.

Fresh drinking water will be a cause for conflict in the coming decades, it already is in the Middle East. And we have that nut job at Nestles who has decided clean water is not a basic human right. That also translates to life is not a basic human right. We can live a long time without many things but three days without water and your dead. I think 100 years was generous on Hawkings part

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