I am Clay—a survivor of suicide loss. And I have a problem with “13 Reasons Why.”
Shawna Chen

I’ve had three nephews commit suicide. The first one was a paranoid schizophrenic and no amount of counseling or medications helped him ease the pain. No one in the family was surprised when he killed himself

My next nephew had become a hard core drug user with serious mother issues. When she stopped funding his self abusive life style. B flew to Hawaii, checked into a fancy hotel and hung himself on Christmas Day. The timing was a direct stab at his mother. At no time did he think of what his actions would do to the rest of the family and those who loved him. Everyone was surprised by Bs death

Last nephew was Bs younger half brother. He kept to himself so much no one really knew him and I doubt many really tried, I know I didn’t and my only excuse was my oldest daughter who used her medical condition to end her life

But back to little brother. He waited until he was 18, flew to Hawaii, checked into the same room in the same hotel and hung himself in the same closet. Everyone was stunned by his death. Each year his oldest brother and my oldest son get together and morn their passing and curse them for the pain they left behind

My daughter was different by degrees. She was beautiful and adventurous then she was diagnosed with MS and lost her license to drive, then started drinking. She kept drinking until she had a full systemwide collapse. Once the cascade of failures started she was dead in three days. She was in New Orleans I was in Alaska brothers and sisters were scattered across the Pacific NW, there were no goodbyes and there is no forgetting these young people that had seemed so full of life