“No good deed goes unpunished “ over the course of my life that certainly has proven true a depressingly large number of times. The latest incident still needs some kind of wind up but here’s the story to this point

A little over a year ago part of our family of the heart called and told us a sad story about this young couple that had moved to Alaska with the promise of land to buy but the seller backed out and she wanted to know if we could possibly sell them our north twenty. We said we would talk to them but they had to come see the land first.

Next day the couple came out with their two kids, a three year old boy and a two year old girl. We walked the land. Twenty acres with a gravel road to the land and a year round creek and a rough drive punched in to a good building site, I had wanted to build back there myself. There was a big pasture area that had been logged during the bark beetle epidemic and they had a horse with them

I told them I wanted $40,000 but I would not charge them interest and I would carry the loan and I only asked $250 a month for payments. I knew they were young with kids and no jobs so I wanted to make it as easy for them as I could

Things went along fine for five or six months and suddenly they couldn’t make a whole payment so I got half every two weeks or so. He told my daughter that people like us didn’t know what it was like to be poor and struggle to feed your family. All I can say about that is it’s a good thing I wasn’t there for that discussion

Things had been going down hill since then but yesterday they hit bottom at least for my patience. My friend had come over to help unload the roofing materials before going moose hunting. Then he and his SIL took off to go into that northern area to look for moose. Harley had lived there as a kid and never had trouble getting his moose

Winter had told me a few times she thought our buyer was unstable. So yesterday he stood in the road and went on a crazy rant about my friends being on his land and then he brought out a gun and was pointing it at Harley’s face

Harley kept trying to defuse the situation but the other guy kept escalating. Harley said the guy was obviously high on something and even when he was ranting he was nodding off. Finally the idiot moved enough so they could get past and Haley had his SIL go in front of him in case moron started shooting. Evidently when he went to put his gun back he pulled the trigger and shot through his knee and down his leg. He was airlifted to Anchorage and they still don’t know if he’ll lose his lower leg.

I want my friends to press charges but they all intensely dislike cops and the lady involved has extreme anxiety and paranoia. After the incident she went home and had to be heavily medicated and she still is today. Facing someone with a loaded gun pointed at you is pretty nerve racking even for a fairly stable person

Now I’m wondering if the reason they’ve been having so much trouble making their payments is because he is a tweaker. My girl did tell the wife they couldn’t be doing that kind of shit back there so she’d better learn the laws and they need to understand people in this area are still pretty clannish and Harley’s family goes back to the second white man moving into the Soldotna area and his dad is a biker and they tend to lack patience with people that shoot their kin

I cant kick them out unless they stop paying altogether but I really don’t want them around. We are hoping if he does lose his leg they will want to go home to where they came from

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