Patient Like A Rock

I sit quietly by the road but you don’t notice me

Every day you spend by in your cars and trucks without even looking my way

The Birch whisper stories to me, the birds and squirrels share their gossip, but I never hear a word from you

The sun warms me through the day, the rain washes your dust off of me

The stars and moon share their songs but you don’t notice me

I have wonderful stories to tell , long histories to relate, but you don’t notice me

We are family, you and I, born of the same Father, nurtured by the same Mother, but you don’t notice me

So I continue to wait and watch you as you go on your busy way hoping that someday you will notice me

I wrote this for a large rock that lives by the side of the road on our way out to the highway

Before so many people moved out here I would walk down and visit the rock but our road is to busy now so I’ll leave the stories to the Birch tree

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