The majority of the time I write about things that have happened to friends and family. It is my comfort zone. Tonight I want to write about my youngest son and I find no comfort there and I have mixed emotions with a great deal of anger

Sam and his wife have been married 15 years and for most of that time we had been very proud of the job he’d been doing as husband and father. That came crashing down at Christmas time last year and I’ve been so glad his father hasn’t been here to see what he is doing to his family

Last year with no warning he came home with a woman and her daughter in tow. He announced he was in love with her and she was going to be living with them. If his wife didn’t like it she could leave.

My daughter and I were totally shocked and when I talked to him I asked what the hell he was thinking. He said dad and I had always told him he needed to do what made him happy and she was it

I agreed we had encouraged him to seek happiness but not by hurting others. If he really loved that girl get a divorce and do it right. Of course he didn’t and worse he talked trash about his wife and turned his son against her

When I broke my back my DIL came and stayed at the hospital with me and when her parents brought my granddaughters up to see me, I was in Seattle, my son chose that time to show up with his slut and tried to do a “ one big happy family “ song and dance. I kicked them both out

My DIL finally had enough and moved her and the girls in with her folks and they were getting on with their lives when Sam begged her to come back home. He swore it was just some craziness he had to get through but he knew he needed his family and he would make it all up to them. I told her I thought she was out of her mind but they went back home and for about five months Sam appeared to be a model husband and father. Then today my DIL came home from work to find the slut back in her house announcing she and Sam were engaged

Last bit I heard my DIL was packing up and on Tuesday she will be filling for divorce. I wish they lived closer so we could help her and the girls out. Maybe next spring we can get her on a road crew up here, it pays more then double what it does where she lives and she wouldn’t have to take so many side jobs to take care of the kids

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