There are many children born to people that see them more as part of a checklist they need to complete to be “successful” they don’t really like kids or nearly as bad they are emotionally nonexistent in the child’s life

My question for YOU is what kind of people do these children grow up to be? Don’t care? What do they have to do with you? Think of the people around you; the ones that form the fabric of your daily life. How many would you guess had been raised by uninvolved people, I can’t call them parents. And how do their difficulties affect you on the job, while doing your shopping and necessary business? Do they enliven you? Do they make your day brighter, happier and do you want to be responsible for creating another unhappy soul?

If you don’t like or want kids Don’t have them. Men are as much a part of this problem as the woman who carry these babies. You’d fix your dog or cat to prevent unwanted offspring can’t you do the same for yourself?