Throughout my life I’ve thought anyone that was 10–20 years older than I am was old, ancient, crypt keeper material and every time I reached that “new” ancient milestone I was surprised by how young and alive I felt

Now I find myself at a place where I need to recreate myself, to set new goals and create a new bucket list (perhaps infused with a tiny dose of reality do to the physical strengths I’ve lost in the last couple of years”

Once I didn’t die at age thirty Ive been pretty sure I’d live into my nineties. What I wasn’t prepared for was my loss of strength and stamina. The new me will have to be more cerebral, and more patient.

Trying to write here on Medium is an effort I hope will replace some of my need for physical challenges although I do have that one last house project planned and my whole life I’ve wanted to learn a second language and I’ve tried before and I suck at it but I will be trying again. I figure as long as I’m alive I can always pick up some of the language. Better some then none

Somehow my list of new goals seems pitifully short. I will be interested in feedback on what ideas others adopted when things they had loved became to difficult to manage anymore

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