Today I did one of those “16 personality” tests, I am a INFP-T. Logistician

As I read through the traits in each section I was actually pretty amazed at how totally me, the good and the bad, their analysis was. Ive always known I’m introverted (83%) and that for the most part I enjoy living in my head (74%) and my life was turbulent (73%)

I would not want to be young at this point in time but I do envy some opportunities available to women now that we’re missing in my day. I actually had an advisor tell me I should lay off the math and find something more suitable for a young woman if I ever went to work

In 1962 when I graduated it was still assumed a woman might work until she got married then she would take her role as wife and mother thus the plethora of Home Economics classes we suffered through

She was not expected to want a career and certainly not something in the sciences, not something like forensics where she would be exposed to life’s ugliness, although it was fine to be a nurse and care of maimed and broken bodies and watch people die. But a woman should not be curious about things like blood spatter patterns and the damage a bullet or knife causes as it cuts though bone and tissue

Women shouldn’t want to study physics then apply their knowledge to building rockets, shuttles or space stations. If they ever get their act together a friends granddaughter has been chosen from England for the first trip to Mars to start creating a colony. My friend is terrified and thrilled at the same time

Today many jobs are open to women in theory but tough in practice to obtain. The get caught in that vicious cycle where they are told they can’t be hired because they have no experience but come back when you get some. Then no one wants to hire them so they can get the experience or they start well below their skill level and watch new guys get the jobs they want even though they don’t have the experience. I do know guys go through the same thing unless they are good at networking

When systems start falling apart women are usually the first to lose jobs but that’s good. With only one working member of the household the mother needs to be at home so she can save daycare costs and cook real meals and save on the expenses of having someone do things for them

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