Two days, two men dead and two bears dead. I know on the world stage these deaths barely cause a small blip but they royally piss me off. You can’t prevent all deaths and I wouldn’t even try but these deaths, bear and man could have been prevented

The first death was a 16 year old young man involved in a sponsored race with teen participants. The race could have been held in several safer places in the greater Anchorage area where there is less bear activity and their movements are easier to monitor

Since the decision was made to hold the race in an area where the bears are not as habituated to human activities there should have been better monitoring and all participants should have had lessons in preventing bear attacks and what to do if attacked

The second attacked occurred today. Two men working a more remote area were attacked and mailed. One lived, one didn’t. I don’t know if these men received training in working bear country, Alaska is bear country even in town, and if the company did not provide methods to repel bears they are negligent IMO.

The summer is young, the fire danger is high and as animals are displaced by wildfires and increased tourists activities danger from moose and bear increase and if these animals attack humans they are killed even if they are nursing cubs or calves. Often the babies are killed along with their parent

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