Men Who Try To Kill Me
Kiva Bay

Your story could have been written by my sister Betty. He husband was totally obsessed with her while simultaneously beating and chocking her and telling their son she was a stupid cunt and he didn’t have to listen to her. He also told the boy his sister was just as stupid and worthless as their mother

It wasn’t until Bet witnessed her husband call their daughter into the path of an oncoming car that she managed to at least make sure he could not see the kids without state supervision. The girl didn’t get hurt, her mother reached her in time. But Tray was more afraid of her father than of being hit by the car

I was fucking rabid when I found out what he’d done, that was nothing new. Every time I saw Bet beat up I’d tell her I have a gun take it and shoot him but she’d say no she didn’t want him hurt.

Every time she tried to kill herself id ask her to let me kill him and she’d say no. She didn’t want me in trouble too i had children that needed me.

We had been beaten and sexually abused as children. Bet went one way and I went the complete opposite. I’d sworn I’d never let anyone treat me like our parents had or like her husband did. I don’t understand stand how she kept taking it for so long, I don’t have to. I do understand she needed someone that knew what she was going through and would not judge her and make it all her fault

I still have a gun, I’m not afraid for myself but I have a daughter and granddaughter and if either hooks up with an monster like my ex BIL I will kill the monster without asking their permission first

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