Homo-Digital Nomad


“Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner.”(Wikipedia)

And so a new species has been added to the evolution chart. The Darwinian beauty pageant of digital nomads stretches from surfers with 6 figures and packs to blondes fallen from the sand catwalks of Koalaland, and SIPs: seriously invisible people, which make for 99% of our masses. Welcome!

With tinkers, bells and Macbook Pros, they arrive and reshape the jungle with Buddha bowls and pearls of e-commerce wisdom. They throw (bit)coins in the imaginary fountain of all their financial wishes coming true, or coach you to explore your full potential from pelvis to the 7th chakra.

You know when they’re in town because you can’t quite figure out why Meetup is down for intensive traffic and all restaurants reintroduce tofu in their menus. They also speak very loud English, which is the Esperanto of the location independent and local language impaired sustainable clothing roamers.

I love them! I am one of them and I feel exotic as funk even though I am not. Yep, you’re not, either. Unless you’re an Ethiopian princess. I met none.

It’s always a pleasure to meet them all, hear their stories on how they founded these amazing businesses of which I can’t remember the name or nature for that matter. I know they feel equally oblivious when I boast about mine. But that’s really a pity because my affair is awesome. Both the one with the world and the one with my profession. That’s what we all say. And sometimes it will be the truth.

Deep down we all know that the more they brag the less they earn, both from life and www.com. But we don’t care because hashtag #support, #patience and lots of time to waste from all that space left by passive income. Damn yeah!

We’re all spiritual and s*it. We practice yoga, ecstatic dancing and heavy flirting because that’s what keeps one fit around the world.

We drink very little, except for those times when we don’t, because it’s vacation time every day.

We read Tim Ferris like little devils praying by the side of the bed. We hide Alain de Botton under our pillows and pretend to make utter sense of all Sam Harris’ podcasts.

We manage to convince ourselves that we are some sort of digital angels and that our digestive track is populated by orchids, essential oils and the food of the Gods. It’s not. It’s actually pretty nasty because Southeast Asia. You know what I’m talking about.


I love each and everyone one of you wackos, because you followed your dreams, you dared to pursue an entirely new lifestyle, quit those nasty jobs and love life as much as it’s humanly possible. You gave yourself a chance at living fully and you chose to trust yourself to create something truly unique.

You took a leap of faith with strangers, foreign lands and your own instincts. You allowed yourself to be happy AF. You also cried your eyes out because alone and confused AF. You made friends with all sorts of humans including yourself. You forgave their flaws and insecurities, you encouraged them to believe everything is possible and work hard for their dreams. You promoted a tolerant and kind mindset, stopped judging and started to chill on the wisdom hammock.

You kind of became beautiful. If you didn’t, why don’t you go home? I’m kidding! Let’s have a smoothie sometime. 😉

Originally published at georgianabularca.com on November 8, 2018.