The Digital Nomad Cruise — taking a boat to an exotic land with a handful of chosen people

Georgiana Bularca
Dec 4, 2018 · 6 min read
Nomad Cruise 7

I am not sure who Elon Musk would choose to take with him to Mars, to start a scientifically 3D printed utopia, fast progress colony, superhuman principles and highly effective time employment. But I know who I would take to one of the most beautiful places on the planet and make my time and their journey worth every penny.

I’ve heard about the digital nomad cruise for a good while now. I have been a digital nomad (by definition) for 3 years, so I follow anything related to this specific lifestyle. To clarify “Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner.[1] The digital nomad community has had various events established to host members of it, such as the Nomad Cruise.” This is straight out of Wikipedia. In other words, with the help of technology which allows us to work online and earn a living this way, we can pursue freedom in all its aspects: of thought, movement, knowledge, constant self-improvement and lust for life. This is more my definition, but I am quite sure most can relate.

Not only do I follow the whole movement in itself, but I also try to make sure that the point is never missed. So that we don’t become what we ran away from. Our community is very strong and very fragile at the same time. It’s everyone’s duty to respect and promote openness, sharing, respect, responsibility, participation, kindness and consent. These are actually the 7 principles of the Nomad Cruise and I would be very comfortable with making them official for all digital nomad communities out there, cruise or no cruise.

I met Johannes (NC founder) briefly at Dojo Coworking in Bali last year, and although we didn’t speak much, he has a certain way of being that gives you an idea about what type of person he is. Kindness and humbleness are two of the attributes that most distinguish him. He can disarm heavily rooted egos with one simple smile. I don’t know too many people like that. And now, after living this amazing adventure, I can say that he created an incredibly beautiful experience bound to either change people’s take on life or simply confirm that they’re on the right track. For a fairly young and untested lifestyle, this is a huge accomplishment and responsibility at the same time. I don’t have a single doubt that Johannes and his team will be able to promote the right attitude and keep its undistinguishable spirit alive.

So this November I embarked on a crazy 2 weeks adventure across the Atlantic, which started in Barcelona and ended in Recife, Brazil. I didn’t know what to expect. I heard amazing things about it, but I tend to be quite skeptical when it comes to putting hundreds of people together and not just any people, but the ones who don’t need to take vacations from their lives. People who know what they want and will purse the smartest and most effective ways to get there. People who have a very high understanding of how the world works and craft their lives and personas based on what they’re good at, and mostly, what makes them genuinely happy. Sounds too good to be true, right? Exactly my thought!

I arrived in Barcelona a few days before the cruise to ease into the mood and prepare for the journey. My friend Olivia and I felt quite excited if not nervous but we didn’t really understand why. We are both used to travelling full-time and meeting cool people all over the place. If I didn’t know better or if I was a bit fluffier in my thoughts, I would have guessed a certain amount of electricity buzzing through the streets of Gaudi’. Was it because Barcelona filled with nomads from all around the world, ready to make some serious magic? There’s a particular feeling that you get if very young and before a school trip. Can you recall? Your mother didn’t need to wake you up. By the time she knocked on the door you were already up, packed and excited to the bare bone. I don’t know about you but I make sure to never lose my school trip spirit independently of the amount of time I travel and the amount of incredible things that I see and experience around the world. However, this time it took me by surprise.

And I couldn’t help but wonder how incredible will this trip be?

Big boat, bigger thrill, loads of emotions and so many tingling sensations. And that was just Day 1? Imagine 12 more…

Turns out you can’t really imagine what will happen. You sort of know why you are there, you guessed you were a good addition from the way people acknowledged you, you had every minute of the day to prove the magic ingredients that you were made of, in front of a crowd with an inextinguishable appetite for beauty and wonder. But you cannot really imagine the sort of interactions you get to live, the fascinating people you get to have the most interesting conversations with and the amount of joy you get to experience from being surrounded 24/7 by like-minded individuals who have so much to offer and so eager to do so, independently of their status, popularity, physicality and IQ.

I’ll go back to the previous phrase when I said that most of the people on the cruise have pursued their true selves and got comfortable with their real potential — be what it may — and this is what made them rank 10. Not perfection but the power of presence that comes from exploring their true nature and the resulting altruism which comes with living a life characterized by happiness and fulfillment.

This is a social experiment by all means. You are responsible for your time and for what you want to get out of it. You are responsible for your generosity, for your feelings and for other people’s feelings. You are there to learn, absorb, live and give back as much as you can. You are there to support, encourage and spread the love. You are there because the community needs your strength and the beauty of your character to inspire the others and prove to the world how amazing humans are if given the opportunity to live a life outside the norms and obsolete rules and regulations, that slowly kill the soul and replace it with daily doses of selfishness, materialism, egocentrism, loneliness, mental exhaustion and ultimately depression and alienation. Nowadays life reads raw and that’s how it is and will continue to be, if we don’t prioritize quality and awareness over quantity and trends.

If you are currently living a life that doesn’t feel natural to you, where you are invisible and misunderstood because you see things differently and want to craft your future oriented more towards meaningfulness in every form, from how you bond with people to what you can create to bring value and joy in this world, then join one of the Nomad Cruises. If you are already a non conformist, a beautiful soul and a smart and productive individual who craves to be surrounded by other similar fellows then join the nomad cruise.

Don’t join the nomad cruise if you plan to come empty handed and take only. Don’t join the nomad cruise if you are limited and bias. Don’t join the nomad cruise if you’re not open to new concepts, ideas and ways of seeing the world.

With the right mindset, your spirit will benefit from each and every encounter. From a simple talk to one full of laughter; from an ethereal connection gazing at the stars while lightly sailing the beautiful ocean, to a productive and professional dialog, from which you or your business can benefit for life.

And without going into further details as I wouldn’t want to spoil or condition your expectations too much, I sit here in Copacabana, Christ statue in the back and Sugarloaf mountain in the front, and feel the alchemy of this beautiful adventure still lingering in the air. I really couldn’t help sharing that I think to myself… what a wonderful world digital nomads get to live in!

Ipanema Rio

Originally published at on December 4, 2018.

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