The End is Nigh…

…but so is the beginning.

Life is strange sometimes

Goes by in a blink of an eye

One minute you’re worrying about High School

The next you find yourself worrying about college

But then you’re in college

What do you worry about then?


At first it takes forever

Feels like it will never end

But then its halfway over

And you finally found friends

Then you find your stride

And your schedule becomes routine

Until again you go and blink

Then the year becomes a dream

Just yesterday it felt like August

The beginning of what I thought would be a long year

But as you do, I had to blink

And I find myself in May

I’m leaving tomorrow

My first year of college has come and gone

It hasn’t sunk in yet

But déjà vu certainly has

I think back at how scared I was

In those hot days in August

When I was a lonely freshman

Not a friend to my name

But time went quickly by

As I found my stride

Now this wonderful year is over

Far too quickly than I thought it would

I watch people play in the courtyard

Relishing the last days here

While I sit in wait for a last meal with friends

When it sets in that I am leaving

For far longer than just a weekend trip

I will surely cry in miss of this place

And all the memories and friends I have collected

It wont be exactly the same next year

But in many ways it will be ten times better

Even though I have no idea what will happen

I am still hopeful and confident that it will be great

And just like how this year has gone by in a flash

These next four months of summer will be brief

So until next time UMaine

When I am a sophomore and no longer afraid.

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