The Awesome foursome in front of a SMASH of 9 white rhinos.
This Is Africa

It is a term that has gone viral in our small collective over the past week and it about sums up our trip so far, from the sunset boat cruise along the mighty Zambezi river to Victoria Falls and all the wonderful people that surround that iconic place. Africa is a place to expect everything and anything at all times.

ice ice baby…

The Flight from Sydney was about what you could expect from a mind numbing, culinary deficient, long haul flight with the exception of a breathtaking view of Antarctica (or at least the ice surrounding it) that was more than welcome as a literal icebreaker for the long draining hours. Following that it was a quick stop over in Johannesburg but that city has more to offer later when we return after a 3 day, once in a lifetime trip to Zambia.

Livingston, Zambia

The true Africa is not for the faint of heart as Georgia and I have discovered with the help of our fantastic friends, Daena (impromptu tour guide)and her (lover of souvenir shops) partner, Andrew. Travelling with them has been a fantastic adventure that has barely even begun and I am sure will continue long into the future.

Zambia is a beautiful country, full of terrific people and more-ish delicacies. We hit the ground running during our stay with some crazy activities and breath taking animals; we gorged ourselves to the point of incapacitation.

The luxurious lunch after Devils pools on Livingston Island.
Animals are a big part of Africa, everywhere you look there’s something waiting.

Between meals we found time to enjoy the area surrounding Livingston and Victoria Falls including; a Rhino walk, Helicopter ride above the Falls, Sunset Boat cruise along the Zambezi river, Devils Pool at the Falls and a big one for me, the bungee jump off Victoria Falls Bridge (insert heart attack here). All these activities were amazing!

The Jump.
Victoria Falls.

These images are by no means the extent of our amazing time in Zambia but we had to cut it down somehow. Next stop Johannesburg!