Lift your mood with these simple steps

Even the most together people have those days when they feel a bit low or flat. I have to say, personally a couple of years back I was having more low days than good ones. All that’s changed now. I’ve realised that its what I do in these moments that can raise me up or start me on a slippery slope down the rabbit hole.

It’s easy to wallow in that low, dark feeling. Something might have happened to spark these feelings off, a rough day at work, up all night with the kids, a fight with someone close to you. What ever it is, we are faced with the choice of taking positive steps, or falling deeper into the hole. The following steps are what I do to stabilise my mood and provide a bit of self care, perhaps they’ll help you too…

Recognise & Be kind

First I start with taking stock of what’s really going on. Give it a try. Is it hormonal, did you have a rubbish sleep, or is it simply a reaction to a situation, is it a full moon?(Yes this does seriously effect moods!) Once you’ve have established were its coming from, or even if you can’t, let it be. Yup! Accept the fact that you’re not superhuman and you’re going to have off days and that’s ok. I used to go into a spiral just thinking that something was wrong with me on days like this, now? I use these little steps to feel brighter, gently.

Get Outside

If you’re inside get out! You can go for a walk to a park, or along a beach if you can, if you’re stuck at home with kids napping or at work, simply step outside let the sun shine on your face, inhale that gorgeous fresh air take note of the natural beauty around and feel the earth beneath you. There is something so uplifting about being in nature and soaking in the sunshine, it makes your soul sing.

Get Moving

Moving your body gets the happy hormones flowing, now that's gotta be a good thing right? It also helps to reduce stress and assist a good nights sleep. Maybe you love going to the gym or dancing around the house, whatever gets your heart pumping get onto it, you’ll be so glad you did.


Speaking of dancing around the house… Music is like food for the soul. Put some tunes on that make you feel good! No sad songs please!

Get your Oils on

I use these every day. Essential Oils have the ability to change the way you feel and lift your mood. My favourites for those low times are Elevation, Bergamot, Wild Orange and Balance. You can diffuse these or apply diluted to the skin. Find out more here about the oils I use or follow me on Facebook.


The simple act of gratitude can change your perspective, maybe you’ve had a rough day or a fight with someone you love, but if in these moments you choose to see the good side of things it will change the way you feel. It can be as simple as being grateful for a roof over your head, for the sun shining today, for food to eat, there is always something to be grateful for and the more you practice gratitude the easier it gets. Try popping a journal next to your bed and jotting down three or four things you’re grateful for each night.

There are loads of ways to lift your mood, but these tend to be my favs for sure. These few tricks help me when I'm low and I hope they help you too!

Now I’m well aware sometimes low feelings run deeper than we would like and I am not a medical professional by any means. If you are finding its become a long running issue in your life then I highly recommend getting some help and finding someone to talk to! Start with your GP and they can give you a referral to see someone in your area.

I personally have had on going issues with Anxiety and Depression for about 15 years now and Its taken me this long to find that changing my daily habits to include the above really helps. When they aren’t helping then I go back to speak to a professional for guidance. I’m happy to say for the last year things have been on the up and up for me mentally, I have found amazing friends and started a business I love and I’m now in a pretty steady place.

I want to help people to feel empowered to take charge of their mental health and to know they are not alone or weird and there are always things you can do to make life that little bit brighter. Here’s to happy days.