Enough Is Enough

We live in a world that does not calculate and take proper inventory of our planet’s resources,

But which calculates and takes inventory of the trust and connection we as humans share with one another;

We live as though our Earth’s resources were infinite,
 And as though our love and compassion were finite.

But we’ve got it wrong.

It’s our planet’s resources which are finite,

And it’s our love and compassion which are infinite.

As much as we are dealing with a global ‘scarcity complex’
 (I can never ‘do enough’, ‘have enough’ or ‘be enough’),

Compelling us to compete, and destroying our capability to connect,

We are equally dealing with an ‘abundance complex’
 (‘I can have every thing I’ve ever wanted’; ‘There is nothing I can’t do, have or achieve’; ‘The world is mine for the taking’),

Destroying our ability to exist on this planet.

And so,
 where lies the middle
 of all this… destruction?

It lies
 in the balance

This planet can hold ENOUGH resources for us all to live full and beautiful lives;
 we’ve just got to drop our abundance complex, scale back and get clear on what is available to us.

And we as humans have ENOUGH trust and compassion to last an eternity;

(In fact,
 The more we give,
 The more we have.)

We just need to drop our scarcity complex,
 And love ourselves and each other back to realising that.

It is time to realise
 that ENOUGH
 really is


Originally published at georgiatakacs.com on April 13, 2016.