Bodum Travel Mugs

Wonder how you can keep your coffee fresh for longer period of time? Your answer is the Bodum travel mug. Make your coffee breaks even more enjoyable and pleasant with a nice Bodum travel mug. Fun and whimsical collection of travel mugs that come in various colors. Drink coffee anytime and anywhere with this easy-to-carry Bodum travel mug. This glass is made from rubber and silicone as well as a BPA-free plastic that is designed to last for years. You are free to carry your Bodum travel mug in your bag or backpack. Don’t worry it won’t spill out. When the lid is screwed in place, the content inside is kept at a drinkable temperature much longer than a non-insulated mug does. Say yes to this stainless steel, heat-retention Bodum travel mug that comes with slip-proof silicone band around the middle that helps hold the mug better.

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