Stylish And Handy Bodum Coffee Glasses

Bodum is the first choice of numerous Australian homeowners, who are always on the look for kitchenware products that will set innovation and inspiration in their kitchens to a higher level. It is a brand that enjoys high reputation on the Australian market for providing high quality kitchenware products.

In spite of the ultra popular handy Bodum coffee glasses, the product range of this brand is consisted of the best kitchenware products that are a must in every modern kitchen. This said, Bodum brings you a range of: coffee makers, coffee grinders, water kettles, milk frothers, thermos flasks, travel mugs, travel presses and all types of mugs, cups and glasses.

All of the Bodum products are very popular, but from my personal point of view, special attention is put on the handy Bodum coffee glasses. With all the quality features these glasses come with, it’s no wonder why they are the first choice of many glassware “experts”. When I’ve already mentioned that these glasses have exceptional quality features, it’s my duty to explain them. Read on to discover what are the features that make the handy Bodum coffee glasses unique.

Temperature Insulation — What I like the most about these double-walled glasses is the great temperature insulation. This makes the glasses perfect for every use. You can use them for serving hot and cold drinks. You can enjoy your favourite tea and coffee hot for longer in winter, and the icy-cold drinks and desserts in summer with these double-walled glasses. With that being said, regardless of what are you serving in the glasses, the temperature of the content will remain the same for much longer when compared with the other types of double-walled glasses.

Durability — In spite of being temperature resistant, the ultimate-quality material borosilicate, from which the glasses are made is chip, crack and scratch resistant. All of the resistance features contribute to the durability of the glasses. This means that you don’t have to keep the handy Bodum coffee glasses for special occasion. You can use them every day and still enjoy the great look and functionality for many years to come.

Ease of Maintenance — Unlike most of the coffee glasses that are too delicate for maintaining, the Bodum glasses are super-easy for maintaining. In simpler terms, these glasses are completely microwave safe and machine-washing safe. This is because the handy Bodum coffee glasses are not prone to damage and breaking when used in microwave and dish-washing machine.