The 5 Best Kitchen Tools You Don’t Have

Bodum Kitchen Utensils

Stocking up on high quality essentials it can be daunting process because of the great popularity of today’s cooking television programs. This trend is extremely popular and we are constantly being recommended with new kitchen important appliances that will ease our cooking.
We are aware that some kitchen utensils remain state of the art for decades, while others are constantly improved with new features. To assemble our list of the best and budget friendly kitchen appliances we combed through the classic, new and improved ones, in order to ease your search.
Let’s see which are best high quality kitchen supplies that provide the most value for your money.

Bodum Bistro Can Opener Black

These Bodum kitchen utensils are the most basic tools and still a lot of households do not use them right. The Bodum Bistro can opener will make your life easy and will match perfectly with your starter kitchen. It has solid stainless steel construction and silicone grip, making it the No.1 can opener. The can opner Bodum kitchen utensils are available in a range of colours in order to match any kitchen decor.


Jamie Oliver, Professional Stainless Steel Frypan 20cm — Wanna cook like a professional chef? This professional Tefal frypan is your solution. Without any professional skills and big effort you will achieve and make an exquisite dish.
What’s make it so special is its durability, inside material and copper in the base (for great heat distribution).

Tefal — Mini Compact Food Steamer

If you want to eat clean and be healthy, try this ultra healthy food steamer. It has three bowls stored upside down on an electrical base, a specific level of water for different type of ingredient and a cooking stop when no water left.

Cake Boss — Cake Kit:Girls/Flower

What kind of housewife you would be if you do not make at least twice a month cookies or cupcakes. Utilize this amazing kit and surprise your family with colourful daisy and flour design cookies or fondant for a delicious cake.

Avanti — Expresso Espresso Maker

The Avanti espresso maker is a must in every household. Make yourself an espresso and enjoy your breakfast at bed together with your loved one. This Avanti espresso maker will make your life easier and will match perfectly with any kitchen style.

The Avanti, Cake Boss, Tefal, Bodum kitchen utensils and many others can be found in every online store. Just browse for the best reliable Australian online store and take advantage of its great promotions and deals.