It Is I Who Killed All Those People in IIWW

You can’t talk about Berlin without it coming up. Cain killed Abel over and over again, around 10 million times. Out of jealousy? Fear? Sheer evil?

Taking pictures near the Wall or sitting on grey concrete tomb stones is alright, but what are we going to do about the fact that it was us who killed those people?

How comforting it would be (and maybe is, to be frank I don’t know all the conspiracy theories) to find out that someone like Hitler was from another planet and hypnotized all those soldiers to do his bidding! Then we could rest and know that such evil seeds do not lie within the human race.

But unfortunately, they do, and I will be the first to admit that inside of me lies one that can do as much evil and more. If it was you would you have died for justice or would you have gone along with it?

Listening carefully to historical facts — even if we care about them — is still too far from our core. Letting things sink in means — in my view — to understand that we share the necessary preconditions with any one of these people and therefore we are susceptible to do just as much evil as any of them.

No matter how many times we go and visit concentrations camps, the one we must visit is within us. What are we doing to internalize this knowledge and counterbalance these forces? This is what humankind — your kind! — is capable of and has done, in more than one place and more than one time.

How many more times does it have to happen before we understand the lesson? The enemy is within us. Let’s say it together: the enemy is within me.

May God save me from me.