The Paradise of the Renegades

This is paradise. Then why is everyone avoiding to look each other in the eyes? What I previously thought to be an early-Sunday effect, is the norm.

They probably want me to mind my own business but I wish I could ask what their pains are, who they are running from or to, why are they exiled in Neverland… But their hearts are inaccessible to the uninvited.

See me! Watch me! Acknowledge me! That’s what these youngsters seem to say. The orange hair and bright colors have got to be attempts at being immediately noticed. But I wonder, whose attention do they want?

So many revolutions were started by students! In Berlin the law students burned books at the beginning of the Nazi period. Well, no wonder, thirsty as they are for affirmation, for belonging and standing out, they can easily be used as sparks.

Again, why does this paradise feel like a purgatory?

Why do the stashed taverns and diversity of garments remind me of one of those sci-fi movies, where some horrible regime was established and now there are only a few people living in a “free zone" with whatever they can scrape together.

propaganda image from socialist times

The air smells like the kind of love and distraction that only fear creates. The kind that forms when everyone has the same enemy. The one described to emerge in terrible situations… where people still procreate and make wine out of who knows what.

What is purgatory, other than having seen God and then being apart from Him?

Have we seen something and are purifying to achieve it or are we numbing a feeling of absence and void?

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