Bulgaria Got a Law Requiring Open Source
Bozhidar Bozhanov

I am quite happy that the BG Government is forward looking and it’s actually not resisting to change things.. especially things related to software development. This has been a gray area for many years. Hopefully transparency will not only make the information systems way better, but might also stimulate small and starting to companies to solve “problems that the enterprises are fighting for”. When it comes to software implementations tough in the Government and Public sector (same for Defense and Military services), the software is just one piece of the puzzle, and there are many more — compliance, data protection, etc.. that leads me to the following questions:
- What is the open source solving better than the “proprietary” software? When you look at it holistically, the software (open or closed, doesn’t matter) is the tool to which you solve a particular problem. If you tell me that open source will enable more agencies, I’ll agree, but will also tell you that using only open source is limiting and opens entirely new universe of problems. 
- If you go with Open Source you should also standardize, because the Open source crap is everywhere and usually companies fall into “can’t maintain” states sooner than later (or too costly to maintain, I hope I won’t turn out to be right, but I’ve seen this already somewhere else, in a government and multi-billion companies with thousands of web sites and hundreds of agencies working with them..)
- With great power comes great responsibility. I hope the plan for on-boarding the community with all compliances, especially the ones related with sensitive data succeeds. It won’t be easy though, and in the end there will be handful of companies to jump over the gap. Proprietary software would make this easier. 
- If there’s “closed” source alternative, how is the Open — Source proposal and requirement as a law, fair and loyal in terms of “my views for the open source are the ones that everyone should adopt”.

I am very much willing to chat with you on this and also to understand more about the problems that you think the Open Source will solve, as well as share my views on government/enterprise deployments, in which it’s not the software that matters, but the workflow and the process before the implementation. There are example of governments moving away from Open Source, have we learned something from them? Please, let me know if you are open for a friendly chat too. 
Disclosure: I am working on an enterprise CMS with thousands of deployments already, including goverment and multisite/multiregion/multilingual projects as well.

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