Brody Leven: First Male Adventure Athlete to Openly Like Women

Trigger alert: Famous white men openly supporting women

Professional skier Brody Leven has climbed, skied, and biked across the globe, but now he’s taking on a different kind of adventure. On the morning of November 13th, 2016, Leven became the first ever male adventure athlete to openly admit that he likes women.

Just days after America elected a misogynistic reality television star as their next president, outdoor athletes were using their social media platforms to promote “super bomber temps”, raise awareness about issues such as the painful cut on their finger, and express outrage about the lack of snow in Colorado. But Leven decided to respond to the election results in a different, more controversial way. In an act that can only be described as political and social rebellion, Leven revealed on Facebook that he had donated money to Planned Parenthood:

This is a risky career move for Leven, given the number of people in the outdoor community who view woman-supporters as bitchy millenial man-haters.

One woman, a freelance writer from California who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Chuffington Post that she gets harassed every time she writes an article that supports women. “Most of the harassment comes from editors of national magazines and world-famous authors,” she said. “At this point, I just expect to be personally attacked whenever I write something about how women are humans.”

Leven said that he was well aware of the impact this announcement could have on his career, but decided to express his support of women anyway.

“I would hate for this to upset my fans,” he said. “But I just can’t hide who I truly am any longer.” Choking back tears, he added, “I was born this way.”

While he hasn’t explicitly stated that he is a feminist, the outdoor community is buzzing with the notion that Brody Leven may be the industry’s first openly feminist male.

When asked why he chose to reveal such a taboo, controversial side of himself, Leven answered, “I did this for women and myself. But I also did this for all of the men out there who secretly like women but are too afraid to admit it publicly. I’m not going to pressure other men to come out about this, but I want them to know one thing — you’re not alone.”