“We’re talking about being verbally and sexually harassed, comments about our body, invasions of…
Jake Wiggins

Hey Jake! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this kind of stuff happens all of the time. I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve seen it happen to other women, too. Here are a few examples that have happened to me in the gym in just the past year:

  • a man I do not know gave me a “powerspot” without asking me if I wanted a powerspot
  • a dude called me a “fucking bitch” because I said I didn’t want to go to lunch with him
  • three men came up to my male climbing partner and asked if we were dating. my partner said no, and one of the dudes asked him if it was okay if he “took a turn with me”
  • my headphones were taken out of my ears by someone I don’t know (as explained in the article)
  • a man told me that I sure do know how to “use my hips” when I was on a climb

We can also see that many other women have experienced this kind of stuff, as can be seen from the results of the survey.

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