Bus driving games

Bus driving game is a little different from other racing game. The bus is an enormous vehicle, and it is more times difficult to drive than other vehicles. Bus driving games are very popular among kids. Almost every kid wants to be a bus driver. When it is not possible in real, then a game can fulfill their desire. Now day’s kids are getting more attracted to indoor games than outdoor games. This is why computer games have become the source of entertainment and when it is a bus driving game, kids cannot resist themselves to play it. The game designers made this genre of driving games respect to all. Generation from 5 to 50 years can play. These games provide loads of entertainment and fun.

Comparison with other game: How the game is can be easily understood by the name. It states that you have to control a bus, but it is pretty different from other racing games. Bus driving games are also a kind of test of patience. Bus games do not allow speed where other racing games have made to play at high speed. Even if you get a speed by any chance, you will be penalized for the entire game, and you have to restart again from the very beginning. After successfully entering the game you will understand the difference from other car racing games. In these games, driving the bus around sharp corners without affecting it is more difficult than other racing games. You will understand the difficulty level of controlling the bus after starting the game.

Types of bus games: Game designers have made several types of bus driving games. Generally, it falls under simulation. Each game is different. All games under bus driving genre are level based, and difficulty level of the game depends on the level. That means difficulty level increases with the increasing of the level. All games have some extra difficulty level which opens after a certain level. There are some objectives which also may differ with each other, and they are as follows:

• Picking all passengers within the time limit.

• Reach to the destination within time limit

• Driving around the sharp corner without affecting the bus

• Certain games have narrow ways, narrow tricky bendings on the path. You have to control your bus in this kind of pathway without affecting the bus

• After crossing a some kilometers, points will be added

• Certain games have fuel meter, which either gear up the speed or gear down the speed. After a certain time, the fuel tank gets empty and then you have to fill the fuel meter using earned points.

• Parking the bus after reaching the destination within the time limit without affecting the bus.

Examples of bus driving game: Game designers have made several types of bus games. It may be 2D or 3D also. School bus driver, School Bus Licence and Speed bus are more famous bus parking games.

Being a casual game, it does not fall into the mainstream gaming production. You will experience in so many different ways as a bus driver by playing bus driving games.