Every one of his sins followed from his refusal to acknowledge an inherited debt he did not ask for, but that he benefited from.
The Debts We Don’t Acknowledge
Yonatan Zunger

Jordan Peterson suggested a solution for that from the Bible. Sadly, I can’t quote it, but I remember the premise. Humbleness and gratitude to the tradition of the past and all those who toiled, lived and died to build and maintain it is the antidote to blind arrogance and narcissistic self-obsession. Even the ancient Egyptians had in their mythology that great motif — the story of Osiris, Set, Isis and Horus makes that abundantly clear. At the end, the Son, Horus, rules together with the Father, Osiris, thus the tradition and that which updates and maintains it are the dual forces that ancient Egyptians believed to be at the top of their moral structure. The Pharaoh was believed to be a representative of the divine duo, of Osiris and Horus together, as long as he was not willfully blind.

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