Poem — Phenomenology Reborn

Appearing as an apparition

apart from a parting decision,

there lies a momentous vision

beyond the realms of imposition.

As I lift my head towards the sky,

a phenomena appears that I can’t deny –

a flickering of light and meaning interwoven,

from the jaws of chaos long ago forgotten;

it lies at the bottom of the world and psyche,

it is the missing piece of the puzzle, my key.

Paraphrasing phrases of transformation

through channels of endless information

to the sound of words marching in formation,

fleeing desperately from desecration

into the hands of heavenly salvation.

World are alive, friend, they move us truly,

they animate the spirit blissfully yet fully.

They bring meaning where there was none

and they are what you have when all is gone.

Words, my friend, are tools so delicate,

to create, destroy, re-forge or desiccate –

Whatever your soul’s chief and true desire,

words can grant you that lasting power.

Expression of the deepest flashes of insight,

pictures of devastating despair and fright,

a guiding hand towards the path of light,

that which is always, yet never, left behind –

words, the power to conquer and destroy worlds,

to break away all lies, evident or in deep disguise.

Pristine is speech spoken in truth awoken.

Marvelous is the soul when limits are broken.

Precious is the taste of truth, yet devastating,

for it burns away all the false impersonating

of things one has not become and never will be,

for one is a drop of dew on the leaves of a willow tree

and a world unto itself laying its secrets bare

with dangers infinite for one to beware.

Brittle is the mask that conceals one’s nature true,

for it shatters into oblivion with a sensation blue.

Famished is the soul fed with lies and deceit,

always slithering away to a wretched dark retreat.

With the burning sword of spoken truth in hand

there is no will and power for the darkness to defend.

What awaits is the final end of what was already dead,

to make way for the phoenix reborn beyond mere dread.