Poem — The Resurrection of Wisdom

Arranging the thoughts and desires

through fires, pyres and fears of liars,

manifesting powers of transformation

towards all desired destinations

with the death of cowardice and hesitation,

powering the engines of philosophy

and the spiraling dreams of psychology

through symbols of psychic archaeology.

Archetypes will flow through one another

exploring as the son and guiding as father,

nurturing the vulnerable as a great mother

from the depths of ancient mythology

and the realms of metaphysical cosmology.

Predators and prey we were in evolution,

from single cells to complex masters of illusion,

creators of worlds beyond imagination

and destroyers of potential communication.

We are the infinite in a limited existence,

masters of transformation and persistence –

creatures of pride and joy, of fear and pain,

creating value from overcoming strife and strain.

As with powerful words of wisdom ancient,

floating on underground waters patient

on the sea inside the unconscious realm,

our actions are wisdom enough to overwhelm

any loss of meaning, pain, grief and sorrow

and emerge as the sun of a new and bright tomorrow.

Creation from the infinite chaos of potential

is for the future and humanity finally essential.

Forging the order of all things so life may prevail

shall always be the direction of humanity without fail.

A dancing star to burn the deadwood of the spirit

emerges with purpose and all will love and fear it.

Beware not to taint what is pure and good

with ideas and thoughts sorely misunderstood,

for only suffering shall follow such distortion

as reason is overwhelmed by wild emotion.

Reason as totality is likewise a perilous fatality.

The mind can warp the world in infinite ways,

light can warp into darkness and nights into days.

Truth shall be your sword and love your shield,

to tyrants, liars and parasites you shall not yield.

Not only in the world, but in yourself as well –

for what is twisted and broken within, you can tell.

Charge with courage to the depths of possibility

and discover the extent of your true ability!