Listening to Peterson is to begin, or continue this journey of self discovery — to dare to learn just how much of yourself is made up from ideas you have inherited from others, and how many of the words you speak and thoughts you think are not your own. Are you ready for that journey?
Insisting on the truth in times of chaos — Jordan Peterson
David Fuller

There words resonate with me incredibly powerfully and here’s why.

Jordan Peterson is the man whose work inspired me to elevate my life to a new high — writing a lot each day, in all manner of ways: poetry, essays, short stories, building the worlds for both a sci-fi and a fantasy novel. I managed to break away from the shackles of consuming Nihilism and to learn and understand philosophy in a much more sophisticated and meaningful way. What was most surprising and bewildering, I was able to help people with serious psychological and interpersonal issues to actually solve them step by step using what I’ve learn from Peterson. I am no psychologist, my only university training is in physics and mathematics and I never finished a degree, yet now I am capable of navigating my own inner world and helping others do the same as well.

Of course, reading one book by Carl Jung a week is an immense boost to this process, but I would have never known the depth and meaning of this knowledge is it wasn’t for the good doctor, to whom you have painted a great picture. Very well done, meticulously and convincingly!

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