Customer Research

Design Strategy GRAP2626 MASTER OF DESIGN

I have chosen to study Australia Post for this subject as the business is a prime example of the way that systems and strategies of design touch our daily lives in essential services. Here are my refections on the customers and design profile of the business in terms of my research.

1. Who are the customers of your chosen business?

As Australia Post is such a large conglomerate, I have decided to focus on the digital services arm of the business, which is both exciting because of the possibilities for services in the future that can be delivered by Australia post with their reach, but also daunting as sometimes it feels like everything has been done before in terms of digitising our lives.

Secondary research this week has come from information from third-party sources such as marketing reports, the company websites, magazine articles, and other sources like social media and chat rooms.

So what does desirability mean within the field of design reserach? It can mean that you are identifying a group who are relevant to research to find possible solutions to identified problems, it could mean that you are gauging their desire for a certain service or how it’s delivered to them. In this case it is most likely meant in the the Microsoft definition of testing visual appeal.

2. Should your business sustain current customers or explore different customer cohorts?

Activity: Identify and justify your chosen customer cohort/s.

Luckily for me, it’s not too difficult to go into persona mode with Australia Post as the business all ready segments there customers so clearly. So I have used a consumer group, Small business and Government Enterprise example for my three personas. I narrowed the groups down to three specific groups within the ecommerce customers that Australia Post themselves say they focus on. I did this because they encompassed the benchmarks of end users — and my Australia Post Vision statement we were previously asked to explore ended up including the wish to delight customers.

Vision Statement

“The aim of Australia Post’s digital services team is to revolutionise the exchange of private, sensitive data securely. With the intent being to increase capacity to create customised, human centred design solutions to delight customers.”

I narrowed the focus down to these groups all dealing in private or sensitive data:

1.Working Consumers
2. Small Business Owners 
3. Government Enterprise Representatives

3. What does your selected cohort look like? What do they desire and need?

Activity Create a persona/s for your chosen customer segment:

I was also able to interview customers who have used either Australia Post digital delivery services or their business uses them.
A theme of expediency kept coming up as did unnecessary complication (with an underlying theme of the importance of the information and trust placed in the business). This is reflected in the three personas below.

Here are my three starting point personas representing the broad array of customer segments that use Australia Post Digital Services.

4. Start to design the solution as insights emerge

I have been writing ideas down as the come to me. On post it notes, in my diary, on the notes on my phone. With a business as visible as this, everyone at a dinner party has an experience to share.

Activity: Start sketching and ideating! These are the 3 ideas that have risen to the top:

Back scanning and digital archiving for individuals (for tax and family history purposes).
Accounts payable and receivable for families, run your household bills like a business.
Personal admin for busy people with collection and delivery services.

Design Statement

Let’s make services that have had to be exchanged in person, possible virtually and available to all (securely and easily).