A Life of “What ifs”

Georgina Miranda
Aug 5, 2014 · 3 min read

“You've gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” ― William W. Purkey

There are two ways of looking at life through a “what if” lens. There is the “what if” the worst possible scenario comes about through every risk I am considering to take lens, or there is the “what if” I just shut off my head for a split second and allow for some awesome things to materialize because I took risks in life lens.

I’m not someone claiming to have it all figured out; I am still climbing lots of mountains literally and figuratively in pursuit of dreams and personal legends. All I do know is that my most rewarding experiences have been when I took leaps, took risk, stepped into the unknown, and walked in a mindset of “what if” it’s all going to be ok no matter what.

Thinking of life in a “what if” lens as the first one I mentioned can be paralyzing! Let’s face it; life doesn't always present perfect conditions to make all of our dreams come true. There is hard work involved, moments of doubt, moments of fear, and second guessing before the ideal materializes-worst yet, there may be moments of FAILURE! No one wants to fail, I get that, but sometimes it’s part of the process. I have learned that one the hard way! It’s tough, we learn through experiences and sometimes the not so pleasant ones make us a little more cautious, more guarded, and more afraid. It’s important to learn the tough lessons we were meant to learn, but not let those stop us in our tracks on our way towards something great.

So what if we started each day approaching challenges, risks, and more thinking along the lines of “What if”:

  • I had never failed?
  • I wasn't afraid?
  • No one had broken my heart?
  • I believed I could do whatever I put my mind to?
  • I listen to my heart?
  • I realized my beauty inside and out?
  • I knew my worth?

Starting each day with these “what if” scenarios would bring a whole new beginning to each day full of fresh opportunities and possibilities. I have to constantly challenge myself to be mindful and aware of the wrong-sided “what-ifs” and re-shift them to ones that bring meaning and connect me to my purpose in life.

It is when I have let the fearful “what if” thoughts stop me or delay me from pursuing what I truly desired that I have felt remorse or that I have wasted my time. Entrepreneurship, mountaineering, and relationships have definitely made me grow some thick skin no doubt, yet I’m grateful when I have been able to accept the lessons and move forward as if the lessons never left a scar.

Try shifting your “what if” lens to that of one that encourages you to believe in your dreams, gives you more confidence, and propels you to a life your heart so deeply desires. I will keep at it and hope you will too!

    Georgina Miranda

    Written by

    Creator + CEO @ She Ventures.co // adventurer. consultant. speaker. coach. traveler. activist<women/planet> //Being Human[Mind. Body. Spirit]

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