Express Yourself

I'm a WhatsApp lover. I think it would be fair to say most of us are these days. The quick, clean, fun and modern functionality of the messaging app obviously has its perks. But let’s ‘face’ it, one of the main reasons we'd choose text over talk is because of those perfectly rounded yellow faces we've grown to adore and definitely take for granted! Those being the humble emojis.

It is believed that the first emoji was created back in 1998/99 in Japan at a time when texting highlights would have included the simple love heart: < 3, the very simple smiley: :), and the run of the mill chat such as: brb!, wbu? and tb ;) — (a personal favourite yet cringeworthy as hell in hindsight.) How desperate could a person be? Can you actually imagine writing that today to a guy you were interested in: “haha noo way that’s gas, yeah I'm just leaving work now! TEXT BACK (insert kiss face)”. The conversation would literally be over before it had even started and you'd be damn sure he'd read that message and never reply. Damn you blue ticks!

It’s funny to think how we actually got by without those little yellow guys. As one of the last surviving humans on the planet not to own an iPhone, I admittedly struggle to send a text when I know there’s no emojis to help paint the picture. So how did we manage back in the day? Were we more expressive in our sentences and made them far lengthier or were we just more up front about things? If ‘text back’ was anything to go by I suppose we may have just been more blunt! Essentially we were just fine though because we knew no different. But can you imagine a life of texting now without that red loveheart, that crying laughing face or that cheeky little monkey? Messaging would be very boring and people would quite literally be harder to read!

On any given day that little crying laughing guy is up there in my top 3 and as the question asks, if it isn't-are you even happy? Technically I'm sure people are, and emojis can't and won't determine how a person will or is acting and feeling at any given point. But they sure as hell help to tell stories, react to conversations, perk up a chat with a completely stupid and irrelevant animal face and generally lighten the mood. Some would say you need to concentrate less on the technology side of things and more on expressing yourself in real life — proper communication. Having said that I don't necessarily need to put my phone down. I have my friends and I’m very good at keeping in ‘real contact’ so I’m not in anyway suggesting we're losing the run of ourselves being dependant on little yellow men to have a conversation. If anything, I think we need to embrace them more and not take them for granted! Whip out that salsa dancing girl unashamedly, explore the scenery section — there’s even some pretty fine architecture in the form of churches if you're into that! Share a different coloured heart each day like we did on Bebo and make someone feel special! These emojis are the salt and vinegar to the pretty plain chip.

In my opinion emojis are the confidence boosting, wing-manning, artistic, over the top new-age way of expressing oneself through text and I think they ought to be given serious thanks for that. They're the icing on the cake to any conversation. I mean, when else would you be given the opportunity to feel like a comedian when someone replies to a funny text with 79 crying laughing faces in a row? The answer: never!

These little freaks of nature are the best thing since sliced bread and I personally will be eternally grateful to them! So embrace emojis and pray to god they never go!