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Georgina Rivera
Aug 8 · 8 min read


I’m going to start with the introduction

Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is both spiritual and physical. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It helps to improve health and happiness. …

My first project after the pre work became a new challenge for me at Ironhack Barcelona.

Ironhack is an international school with courses in Web Development and UX/UI Design in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Paris, and Mexico City. Ironhack uses a customized approach to education by allowing students to shape their experience based on personal goals.

A brief about what the project consist of: I present you to Fun Pepople Inc. is an educational company born in 2014, is offerting courses in-persone for adults, about: languages, music, yoga, cooking and first-aid. Dozens of people join every month the workshops in different locations.

Nowadays unfortunately many people can’t assist in person these courses, the fault is the lifestyle we are having, it’s full of obligations like work, the house, childrens, traffic jam on the road and many others obligations…

Fun people Inc.needs a way to provide an engaging online experience for people who cannot attend the workshop camp.

I decided to focus in Yoga courses…

So, if the solution for stress to the population is the yoga but you don’t have time to assist in-person classes. Why the people don’t practice it at home?

This was the starting point of my research

Using the Lean Survey Canva stool I built a survey and with the results I made a interview to tried to deep more in my research. The lean survey canvas and the lean UX canvas will help me to empathy with the user.

I received about 50 responses to my survey and I did 6 interviews to people who had done yoga at home or other kind of sport through an online platform.

I was able to get a few insights that would be the mantra of all the development to my solution for fun people inc.

Results = Insights

Some results to survey that I used for deep in the interviews

With all this data and in order to reach a conclusion that will take me to the definition phase, I used the Affinity Diagram.

Surveys + Interviews = Insights

- The yoga beginners have a mistrust inthe use online platforms for because their thinks that anybody can to made this content without certificate.

— The don’t know how to follow the exercises make that the yoga beginner’s lost the motivation due to the fear of doing it wrong and injuring themselves.

- Virtual classes do not convey the essence of yoga philosophy.

The research process allowed me to define my user persona.

Persona = Person + Activity. Personas are the fictional characters created based upon the user research to represent the different user types that will use the service/ product/ site. Creating personas helps to understand users, their needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals

The insights revealed what characteristics this user have, as well as what kind of experience would respond to their pain-points and resolve their problem. With all that on the table, I created a person as a core part of the product. Every subsequent design decision was based on this person pain-points, what she needed and her goals.

Problem statements:

<< Beginners in the world of yoga need a way of doing yoga focusing on a new lifestyle but mistrust the methodology of digital media because they do not understand the classes and are afraid to do wrong >>


How can we make a yoga beginner feel safe by doing the yoga ritual by himself?

User flow

User flow is the path taken by a prototypical user on a website or app to complete a task. The user flow takes them from their entry point through a set of steps towards a successful outcome and final action, such as purchasing a product

LOW — MID Fidelity (wireframes)

Design fidelity refers to the level of details and functionality built into a prototype. There are three levels of fidelity: low, mid and high. Low fidelity prototypes consist of sticky notes and sketches, which is great for high-level brainstorming and collaboration.

You can see it in the next picture:

Doing some rough visual execution of the solution. Here I went through the design studio method to generate the visual idea.
Taking into consideration my user persona, Marina, who is needing a way of doing yoga focusing on a new lifestyle but she is mistrusting the methodology of digital media because they do not understand the classes and she’s afraid to do wrong.

After defining users pain points I started to brainstorm how to solve the issues raised.


After many tests in low fidelity wireframes, I draw some interesting conclusions that will be reflected in the average fidelity.

The app is designed to give you the tools to practice the yoga ritual, so that in the morning you will spend some time in meditation and in the afternoon to finish the day with a yoga session.
The schedule is personalized for you, in a way, that every day you can decide how much time you want to invest in each of the activities.

The same way you choose the dispositive you want to make class, tablet, mobile or TV.

  1. Some of the weak points that my application had was the filtering system in which I had to go through many screens. The result was finally so simple, how to put everything on the same screen and in this way we make the user flow much faster, this solution helps me validate the Idea valid that my user not have time and wants a personalized plan to amolded in their lifestyle or rutin dayry.
  1. Continuing with the same idea of ​​reducing the number of taps and screens. It comes to identify that some of the screens are merely informative, so it would be best to put it as a pop app since over time the user can decide whether to continue viewing or omit it.

De necessities are changing everyday and also during the day, so just in one screen you can choose how long you can dedic it now to yoga and where you can watch it.

That’s way be can have just one screen, and delete some taps completely unnecessary.

  1. One of the great contributions that has been included in the proposal was the sound in 8D, a totally enveloping sound that you can transported yourself to what you are listening to.

This sound online is possible to listen with earphones, in case you don’t have you can listen in the normal way

In 8D Audio is a type of audio that allows you to hear sounds or songs from 8 different directions. … 8D is a good way of experiencing a new type of audio but it should be practice safe. 8D is going to be a big revolution in the Music industry and you may find it surprising that people are actually enjoying it

One of the perfect things to feel yoga ritual like a real.

4. During the meditation and yoga classes de teacher is guiding you per voice in the end of both classes he’ll give to you a tips for your day to day like:
- Remember if you feel stress during job, take air and deep breath

In case of yoga classes, the teacher is reassures you with:
- Today probably you feel your back heavy, it’s normal because today we focus in stretching this part of the body

5. For the meditation feature, I decided to visualise a candle in movement, in order to help you deepen the experience of meditation.

6. In case of yoga classes my solution was to split the screen in two parts, where you can watch the teacher on the left and you in the right,and you on the right. This way you can compare your postures..

In order to see you in the screen, you have to put your smartphone in landscape position in front of you, so the camera captures your whole body. A scanner will make sure whether you are in a good position and are ready to start the class.

For better experience I recommend to use smart TV (duplicate screen) or a tablet.

7. The app also send you a notification to remember that is good to practise yoga for finish your day or in the morning start your day with meditation.

Now i’m going to show you the way you can navigate through the App

And this is all for now. I’m coming back soon,

Thanks for reading! Or dhanyavaad (thanks in Hindi)

Thanks to Kasia Majchrowska

Georgina Rivera

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