How to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones
Lauren Parker

It is really hard to argue with all the women here: the author and all the female commenters. However, if I would see a headphone wearing woman that I wanted to strike up a conversation and ignite something, I would approach her, flash a smile and give her a flower with a note: “I would love to hear what music you are enjoying. Would you like to tell me over coffee?” I would deliver it and stand there as she reads it. Give her 5 seconds; let her take it in, let her take a second look at me, and if she does not take off her headphones after that, I would turn around and start to walk away.

There are variations: you can’t find a flowershop or flower bed conveniently by — just give her the note!

You may write your phone#, but I prefer the intrigue of turning around and making her realize that she has no handle on this stranger who showed interest in her. Would she take off the damn headphones and call “hey!” to me? Plus, I wouldn’t like giving my phone# to a stranger. Most serial killers were listening music on headphones, didn’t you know that?

And what if she throws my flower and note down and stomps on it? I would be really sad for her. Not because I deserve a meeting with her, but because she displays poor manners and humor and she may even be suffering from inability to socialize.

I am arrogant enough to believe that my gesture would deserve at least a cute smile and a gesture of “no” ;-)

With all due respect.

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