How to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones
Lauren Parker

The data is pretty overwhelming. On one side of the rink, we have men who want to strike up a conversation with a stranger that wears headphones in a public space.

They get all negative responses, zero likes and pseudo-psycho-analyzed as crypto-perverts and indifferent to how women feel (on top of course of being wished to die forever alone if they are not disemboweled.)

The women who write and like these comments number more than 50.

Then, we have a guy who essentially writes F-U to the author. He gets 4 likes!

The author essentially responds with an F-U-back. She gets 17 likes.

You guys keep on your beautiful dialog and I am sure you will all have a wonderful time. No wonder millennials have so many problems dating and falling in romantic relationships — at least according to the articles I read.

The militancy of the article and the responses shocked me.

As for me, I am older and I don’t need to date. I grew up at a time that giving somebody a flower was not an attack on their personal space or disregard for what they had to say. I dated at a time that a gentle/cute/inventive gesture would be met with a gentle/cute/inventive or at least polite gesture back, and let’s not kid ourselves, it was mostly a “no”, but it was polite. Today, the answer is F-U or Die or Rapist! Wow. You’re missing a lot!

Have a nice day.

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