Geospatial Data Servers

Jordan Bess Tech Maven Geospatial
1 min readDec 20, 2022

Deliver geospatial data at the edge or emergency operations/command center or on-premises/within firewall without complex setup

Edge Geospatial Servers by Tech Maven Geospatial

Tile Server
Tile Server of Mbtiles as XYZ and OGC WMTS and Vector2Raster Tiles

acts as an edge server can download source map tiles data including COG GeoTIFF and static GIS Files. Has ATAK/WINTAK zip archive with tile.xml

Serves Quantized Mesh Terrain Tiles to Cesium and Game engines

has two advanced map viewers

Geo Data Server delivers geoservices REST API and dynamic vectortiles from static GIS Files and PostGIS Database tables

and cached map tiles (mbtiles or GPKG) as WMTS or XYZ Tile Url’s

3D Scene Server delivers 3DTILES and ESRI SceneServer from local SLPK and terrain/elevation tiles

To iOS/Android Mobile Apps for better downloading map data Map Data Explorer
To Data Conversion and Map Tiling

Create offline Map Tiling app MBTILES

Create 3DTILES with 3DTILING app— ATAK supports archive 3TZ of b3dm 3D Buildings

Clip and Area of Interest or Convert between Tile Formats (including conversion of ATAK/WINTAK OSMDROID SQLite Map Tiles to MBTILES or GPKG)

Data Downloading of any online data Offline Map Data Generator