I, Racist
John Metta

This reminds me of Betty Macintosh’s piece on white privilege, but better. I try to be an ally, but it’s frustrating. Even when I bring it up directly, the feelings get hurt and people’s hackles go up. I am going to be sending them to this article now. Hopefully some eyes will be opened.

I am an anthropologist and an entrepreneur and I see this world for what it is, culturally speaking, and what most people don’t realize is, just like a fish has no idea of being wet, most white people have no idea that they are “wet”. And it isn’t an epiphany to find out one is wet. It is a gradual awakening, with a sincere desire to see the world as a better place. Not just perceive it as better, but see it as actually being better.

Systemic and institutional oppression has been carried out for thousands of years. Imperial culture, colonial culture, corporate culture, it has all been the same institution. The Native Americans referred to the White Man is “Wetiko” which is a disease. Their culture is cannibalistic. They eat others in order to survive. And this has been codified as “The Way Things Are” and so people have no idea it is a choice.

Wake up, people! It IS a choice!

Read Daniel Quinn’s books on Ishmael. Read Jack Forbes book Columbus and other Cannibals. Read about dominator cultures and how they perpetuate themselves by brainwashing (yes, brainwashing!) their members into believing in the “status quo” even if it is not good for them (I’m looking at you poor white southerners voting Republican!). Read about how we constantly manufacture our reality through our perceptions and then wake up and change your perception.

Thank you for this to share. Blessings on you and yours.

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