A new fan here

Shelter. Why i ended up write this.

This afternoon, just fighting the hot day in Jakarta, i randomly open twitter and found people fight about twice n snsd

I am not a kpopers, i just love to watch their drama (old drama, the new drama are boring for me, sorry) and variety show *running man* . My multipotentialite signal are coming and i ended up watch on youtube Twice vs Snsd.

The more i watch, the more i interested with SNSD. The twice music are good, but i don’t know i feel SNSD have more soul. So i search this video : why SNSD are legend -_-

I know SNSD. I listen to their song and watched their MV. Most of them comes from my friend, Arman, who are the biggest fan of SNSD. He always passionate about them and show me all about SNSD. Even Debby (my ex-kosan-mate) and Arman always perform SNSD dance when we are in karaoke.

  • watch this video first

Okay, the more i into them. My CIA skill dive into their first debut song

9 passionate girls, without glamour clothes and make up, just sing and dance with all their passion. Its really beautiful, i enjoyed the song that i never heard and not knowing the meaning but it already inspire me.

This song is about a start into the new world. In 2007, the world of kpop all full of boyband, Super Junior, Shinee, etc (i write this after a little research lol) . They are break the wall. Out of the box, really fresh. But of course, to change people interest & habit are not that easy. They work hard, up & down, they believe and their dream even nobody know them. They even experience the terror of black ocean*the stage when no one turn on the light for you *or no one cheer you up* (it feels like when you uploaded a photo but no one likes it (?) so you want to delete that picture)

I found the video omg

and this

They give up right away, there is no SNSD right now. There will be no other girl group because people naturally afraid to try something new and hard. They are national’s girlgroup. They are inspire many people to work hard and be success like them.

Even some of them left, they still trying to be at their best

*their first perfomance after Jessica left the group *and why i cry while watching this video?

The things that i love from them are their sisterhood & attitude. How they are growing from ordinary girls to become a superstar but still very humble. They have their own entrance and humble thank you bow after the song. Oh girl (fangirling) (a new fan from the last one hour)

Korean entertainment are really good, and you can see many old videos, variety show clips from youtube, or etc, and its really mindblowing to watch the journey to make their dream comes true.

Anyway the life of korean entertainment are hard, they really work hard in tight schedule. You can see it here

For all this thing, i got a life lesson. If you just give up to fullfill your dream right now, the future you will be have so much regret. So please, work hard, pray hard, and be someone that change the world.

and ya, Hello, New Sone here!

NB : i discuss with an artist about why many sucessful people afraid to show of their background and past. It might be because they afraid the society will laugh of them. Come on, it will inspire more people than build the haters. Who does not loves to read and watch the living proof of life and biography?