Things I learn after (one year) graduate

YO how was the real life bruh?

I finally finish a program that i started in August 2017, called #KaryaMerahPutih . I will write something and post it everyday in my instagram @tiqhachu . And actually this is the first time i can finish a commitment with my self strike in 31 days. And.. it feels awesome!

So for the last post, i am making a special post on Medium. And here we go !

I graduated last year as a bachelor of Interior Design. Many of my friends work on Interior consultant but I follow my curiosities, throw myself into nowhere and lead me to unexpected journey.

Just right after graduation, i became a graphic designer on a digital agency. I learned things, but i doesn’t work for me. I left my job, have the best (or bad?) 4 months in my life. Played games till the last mission. Watched every single episode of drama and movies that i want to watch. Sleep all day long. Lock my self in my room. Have that eat-sleep-repeat life cycle. It worse, but also changes me a lot. I finally learn how to wake up from depression. I finally know who my friends are. I woke up and follow my curiosities about.. startup.

I got an internship on a startup. We made a team of 6, and have one mentor as a product manager. It was really fun. We shared thoughts, we finished our projects, we learn a lot from each other. I met the most positive and good peoples on earth on that place. But again, i am such a nomadic person. I follow my curiosities and move to another startup.

In the process of interview, i got one and a half month full of developing myself. I think that is the time that i finally believe in myself and show my work to other. I make things almost everyday !

Work on the second startup… was actually the things i like to do. The work is hard and challenging, but it was fun to finally able to meet the users. But things change and i feel i lost my true self. I decided to left my job after 4 months without a plan. Again, i am in the middle of nowhere.

Of course its lead me to a stress but i am not panic anymore. I learn a lot from my experience and its time to connects the dots and make something from myself. I give myself time to grow with my own way. I make things. I embrace the real me. I follow my passion. I do what i want to do, and make it work.

So today i am in the state of making what i want works for me. Its not brings money to me but i know it will be, soon or later.

Okay thats a little story about my journey, lets jump into the real session.

Lessons i learned after graduate :

  1. Real life is hard, but make it fun !

Job hunting, pressure from everywhere, high expectation from you and from your environment, a life without a clue will make you stress and lead you into a depression. But why dont you chill a bit and make it fun? Learn things. Try something or visit somewhere new. Meet your friends and learn from their experiences. Talk to stranger and get inspired. Help others. Release your stress to positive thing and make your life counts.

2. Work in an office is not the only way of getting work.

In my experiment i found that there is many way to spend your time in your life. You can work from anywhere with anything you want to do ! Freelancer, Volunteer, Entrepreneur, Remote Workers, Content Creator, Digital Nomad, or maybe a new name of profession you make by yourself. But maybe the process will be very different with what others do and its a little bit scary but it will be so cool when you can make it work.

3. Real life = Traveling over time.

I think the art of real life is have a same process with the art of traveling. Just plan the place you want to go (Have a Vision), then make an itineraries for day 1 (plan the next step). Buy the tickets and book the hostel (Take Action), Tour around the city and know your surrounding (learn things) and discover things you want to visit next based your own interest (know yourself) and make a flexible plan. Why ? Because you never know what will gonna happen next. Be flexible, learn from your experience and have less expectation. And you will enjoy your travel, now over time.

4. Its not about what you want to do. Its about what you DO.

Sure, Just Do It. Trust me, or trust your gut. I JUST DO write for 31 days and my work getting improve and it feels so great to finish my mission. So action is better than planning, really Tik? Of course lol. STOP WANNA, JUST DO.

Its an unfinished work. I will update it over time when i remember things i learned. I will give you the updates when i updating this list. So see you in the number 5 !


Frastika Geovani