Why i intern at startup

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Working at startup is a life changing.

Yes it does.

At first you always think about yourself. What will i become, how to be rich, how to get that dream job (or your parent’s dream job), how to travel around the world.

it’s all about your self.

As an Indonesian fresh graduate, i know most of your parent will be worry if you don’t get that “shiny” job. BUMN, bank, multinational company, international company, named it all. You also worried about other people’s life, your friend’s life, “how did she made it?” “wow zzzzzz now working at xxxxx superprestitius company” and compare it to your life “i just sleep on my bed, wondering what will happen next, i wish i was him, etc,etc”

and you felt so wrong.

I was.

I spent almost 3 months wondering how is my life next in my bed, and do nothing. or just playing games, or just watching korean drama.

3 months.

I never feel failed as human till that day.

Long short story, i was a rebel back then in high school. I just hate to sit down for +9 hours watching the teacher but my mind is outside that class. I wanna move, i wanna make movement. So i joined OSIS, participate at many events, joined many competition, clubs, lead the yearbook team, so my life is not that boring sitting on the classroom.

My grade is not good but i nevel felt wrong. I have another accomplishment in my life.

I changed my mind in my last 6 months at school. I have a new target, to be a one of the “top university” student. I studied social science by myself(i was in science class), drawing, and be the top of the try out exam and i passed SNMPTN. Yes, i got it.

I enjoyed my upside down life at University and i think, oh, i will be the greatest designer ever. I never failed my class. I was “not that dilligent” but “a happy go lucky” student at my class. All of my friends are so talented. Somehow i feel i just “a trash” and lost my confidence at design in my last year. or maybe, my interest (?)

Design was my dopamine.

And i found another dopamine *addiction hormone*.

That was traveling & photography. So i can’t focus on design, hope my days in one new city, explore it, take pictures and share my story with my friend. 1 week before my presentation day, i was in Singapore. Exploring all the town. 1 day after my final presentation day, i was in Jakarta, join an interview for a media. I don’t focus, at all.

but, i graduated, gladly. With much effort and little tears.

After that i joined an agency as graphic designer .Yes, trying something new again. I was interior student, and i just love graphic design. 3 months at agency, and i know i am not into agency life.

I search other opportunity that fit my self. Agency again? Interior design consultant? a Startup?

I know i always want to be someone that makes big impact. I wanna change the world. I wanna help people. I wanna build something innovative.

For me, to face the uncertainty life, you need to have 5 things.

Skill, knowledge, experience, attitude, and life principle (for me this is my religion, islam)

But i had no clue how to make it (skill, knowledge). I have no experience building a company. I need to feel it first. So i choose to join a startup.

Startup, fundamentally, are about creating technological innovation. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel put it best in Zero to One: he defined startups as creators of vertical innovation and not horizontal innovation. Examples of once-startups include YouTube, Facebook, and Alibaba. (https://www.techinasia.com/what-is-startup-definition)

Not only creating technological innovation. Startup is about changes people life. You know how gojek helps a lot of people makes money and build their life?

After intern at startup (i will make the post about it after this) , i know the best way to living is to help others. Its about solving the world problem. Its not about yourself, it is about how you become the part of changing the world.

And thank you, startup.

Especially, thank you Badr Interactive (where i was intern) family for everything.

Its totally a life changing.

(i am sorry i am not good at writing, this post might be a little bit random but if you want to know more about startup life or internship at startup, you can ask me personally at my instagram : @tiqhachu or my facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tiqhachu)