Bangalore. I thought about all the things associated with that word as I sat in the waiting area on a Thursday night for my flight. They were delaying the previous flights boarding and so I thought I had some time before they were to board my flight so I went off walking around the airport to find a rest room and to buy some water for the journey. Always a fun place to wind down the stress of everyday life. About a month ago a friend of mine called me to go to this concert in Bangalore called ‘sunburn’ which I thought was a good idea because I’ve always wanted to go to Bangalore and see all my friends living there. I’ve heard so many stories about how they party all night and pass out drunk in the middle of the street. So I decided this was a good idea inspite of the fact that I had an exam the day after I landed on Saturday night. I buy some water and get on the two storey escalator that led to the gate of departure. Before I left to buy the water I saw the final call announcement for the previous flight of that gate but as I rubbed my eyes and looked at the screen it displayed, ‘Bangalore FINAL CALL’ and the gate was blocked by the q manager thing. I was ecstatic. I quickly called the nearby attender and I showed her my ticket and thankfully she stopped the bus that was heading to the airplane. I got on the bus and contemplated if I were a few seconds late, I might’ve missed the bus and lost my opportunity to visit the party capital of the south. After this point I get on a very loud airplane which took an hour to reach Bangalore. My plan was to go to Salman’s house on that day and spend time with him and his friends until I had to go meet Ashwin with whom I was to go to the concert. I landed in the airport and proceeded to the uber zone and caught an uber to Salman’s place which was about 30 minutes away.