Diving into the uncomfortable Zone

“I felt myself getting too comfortable so I quit my 9 to 5 to dedicate myself full time to my music”, words from Tyler Braddok during a recent interview with me. Tyler Braddock is a music producer from Rockaway NJ, who is putting in his 10,000 hours to become a master at his craft. Tyler explained that when you are in the comfort zone you are more susceptible to settling with just good enough- which can be dangerous when you are in the music industry.

Being uncomfortable is scary, but it is the secret to being more successful.

There is no growth with comfort. What strives people to be better is when they are in a situation that makes them uncomfortable.When you plunge into the unknown you are impelled to go beyond your limitations and reinvent yourself by any means necessary.This applies to any areas in life: If you are shy when speaking in public the only way to conquer your timidness is by speaking in front of an audience- about a hundred times. Tyler, who has bills like most of the us-not to mention a college debt, is experiencing the benefits of the audacious decision he made when he left his 9 to 5.

“I felt limited to how much time I could be in the studio doing what I love as opposed to being at work 9–5" Tyler Braddock-

Tyler has opened his doors for countless hours of music sessions, producing music to as late as 5 in the morning.The money he receives from his recording sessions has helped him stay on top of his feet. When asked about the future Tyler simply replied, “There is no going back from here, I only see room for expansion.” Tyler has given himself a 5-year plan where he schemes to put a team together with like-minded talented music Engineers and expand into other states. “I am talking about a franchise!”, Tyler confidently stated.