Friday Links: Product Edition

Grace Pelling
Nov 10, 2017 · 2 min read
What it felt like walking to work this morning, NYC edition

Happy Friday! Here’s what we’ve been talking about in the world of product.

  1. This startup wants to make it even easier to be addicted to your smartphone. Aptly named Dopamine Labs, we initially thought it was a potential plot for Silicon Valley. Now we just quietly hope it’s an April Fools joke. via Kevin Barrett
  2. Did you get the iOS 11 bug where ‘I’ was errantly autocorrecting to A and a ? symbol? The latest software update fixes it! via Matt Quintanilla
  3. Did you know your iPhone categorizes all the photos you’ve been taking? While there are some downright questionable categories, there are some hilariously weird ones too! Some memorable ones from the Postlight offices were “orbs”, “habiliment” and “gizmos.” via Skyler Balbus
  4. Whether you love or hate that little Intercom pop-up, you can’t deny they do incredible product and design work. This book (or audiobook!) on product management was great. via Skyler Balbus
  5. The already ubiquitous Square announced their new Square Register a couple of weeks ago. It’s their first fully integrated POS system — I’m sure you’ll see it in action soon when you’re buying your morning coffee. via Matt Quintanilla
  6. Station neatly organizes all of your work apps into a single workspace. It integrates with over 300 applications, and features a pretty cool unified search. via Neil Renicker

Have a great weekend!

Grace Pelling

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