Friday Links: Product Edition

Grace Pelling
May 5, 2017 · 1 min read

Happy Friday! Here’s a few links that got our brains whirring this week.

To work in technology, you must have a few decorative plants around.

  1. Hulu’s launched their Live TV beta, giving another option to all the cord-cutters out there. It seems better than SlingTV, but Playstation Vue may have already won this market (Bonus! You don’t actually need a Playstation to use it). (via Darrell Hanley)
  2. Here’s a beautiful but also incredibly functional external battery that also doubles as a portable Apple Watch charger. (via Jeremy Mack)
  3. We’ve all wondered who the best person in the office is to approach about a certain question. Workplace productivity may be on the rise with Slack’s new way to reach teammates who know the answer. (via Adam Pash)
  4. The release of the Microsoft Surface Laptop made us scratch our heads — $1000 for a device you can only install Windows apps on? (via Maxim Siebert)
  5. There’s some incredibly sophisticated phishing schemes appearing lately. The latest Google Docs phishing campaign made us all check our permissions. (via Drew Bell and yours truly)

That’s all, folks! Have a wonderful weekend.

With thanks to Lara Warman

Grace Pelling

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