Friday Links: Product Edition

Grace Pelling
Dec 22, 2017 · 2 min read
brb — I’ll be in this cozy little nook over the holidays

It’s the holidays! I hope you’re happy, healthy, and enjoying some time with your loved ones. Here’s a few interesting product links we’ve been chatting about from the i n t e r n e t.

  1. I rely on Netflix (and my friends, sometimes) to recommend my next tv show to binge on the weekend. This was a really interesting (if somewhat creepy) look on how Netflix also personalizes title artwork to get you to start watching. (via Skyler Balbus)
  2. Patreon, the subscription content service, proposed a massive fee structure change that was met with quite a bit of backlash. It made things worse for smaller creators — those whose patrons were giving only a couple of dollars a month. We’re happy they listened to feedback, and announced they aren’t rolling out the fees change. (via Matt Quintanilla)
  3. Threads! In Twitter! We’ve all either posted, read or shared a thread, and now Twitter’s made it even easier to post one. It’s great that they’re making a reasonably common user action even easier, but it feels a bit messy and just not-Twitter — what happened to 140 characters? (via Liz Tan)
  4. You can now follow hashtags, not just people, on Instagram. We’re divided on whether this is a useful feature or not, but in the meantime, you’ll find me following #dogsofnyc. (via Matt Quintanilla)
  5. More Instagram news: they’re testing a standalone messaging app. Install Direct, and you’ll now have another way to chat with your friends and family. (via Darrell Hanley)

Happy Holidays! We’ll see you with some more product links in…2018!

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