Friday Links: Product Edition

Grace Pelling
Feb 23, 2018 · 2 min read
looking at these massive companies from down here

We’ve been talking about the giant tech companies recently. Here’s the latest news for a few of them:

  1. Airbnb! They just announced two new tiers aimed at travelers who want a bit more verification about what they’re booking through the platform. Seems like they’re aiming to get users who’d normally stay in boutique hotels, so time will tell if that strategy works. (via Darrell Hanley)
  2. Snapchat! I don’t use Snapchat anymore, but if I tweeted that….I’d just end up talking to one of my friends on why it sucks. Maybe that conversation would prompt me to finally delete the app. When Kylie Jenner tweets that… shares drop a billion dollars. And, I’m sure a lot of uninstalls.(via Matthew Famularo)
  3. Google! The search engine removed the ‘view image’ button from a image search, and the ability to ‘search by image’ due to its settlement with Getty Images. We were torn internally as we love to post silly images fast but also respect the rights of imagemakers. This also brought up a fun lil thread on what your default search term is, when you’re just testing out Image Search — mine’s “railroad”. (via Skyler Balbus)
  4. Twitter! I’m not going to bring politics up (this is Friday Links!) but I’ll just say… bots are bad, way worse than just being annoying. Twitter changed the way embedded tweets (think those on news stories) display — no more total retweets but rather a metric that is “x number of people are talking about this.” We don’t think this totally solves the problem, but I really hope this’ll bring about some positive change.(via yours truly)
  5. Instagram! I’ll admit it. I am addicted to sharing snapshots of cooking, Park Slope, my computer screen with an empty Google Doc in it, or a blurry photo of whatever book I’m reading (blurry so you don’t realize I’ve been reading the same book for weeks). I’ve also hackily put together a blank text-only slide with some quote-of-the-day or recipe. Now Instagram is rolling out a new feature — Type Mode — that gives you this ability built in, no hack needed. (via Gina Trapani)

Have a great weekend.

Grace Pelling

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